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AI-generated product texts for HEMA

AI-generated product texts for HEMA

We have configured and implemented the PowerText.ai module of the PowerSuite.ai solution to automatically generate SEO-optimized texts.



Since 1926, HEMA has been a trusted, quintessentially Dutch brand that holds a strong position in the retail market. With over 30,000 products and services in their modern and extensive range, HEMA’s 17,000 employees strive to improve people’s daily lives in a more beautiful world. Their products combine tradition with modern trends and are affordable and of good quality. HEMA is not only active in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, and Austria.


With the introduction of the Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Directive (CSRD), HEMA was required to emphasize the sustainability of their products in their texts. This meant a revision of thousands of product texts. HEMA actively takes steps to become more sustainable, but with the ‘good idea’ campaign, they also wanted to give consumers sustainability tips about their products.

However, (re)writing these texts was a time-consuming and repetitive task for HEMA’s copywriters. They had to search for the right information for each product, formulate the text, and check it for spelling, grammar, and consistency. Additionally, the texts had to match HEMA’s tone of voice and house style. On average, this took a quarter of an hour per text, and HEMA needed more than 4000 texts for their ‘good idea’ campaign.


HEMA decided to use our module PowerText (submodule Generative AI Text). This innovative tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate texts based on a text prompt. With PowerText, HEMA just had to enter the name of the product, the certification mark, and the desired copy guidelines, and PowerText did the rest. PowerText created a unique, error-free, and compelling product text within seconds, meeting HEMA’s guidelines. Moreover, sustainability tips were seamlessly integrated, allowing HEMA not only to comply with legislation but also to provide educational value to their customers.

With PowerText, we support HEMA’s copywriters, but we don’t replace them. We provide them with a toolkit that allows them to work faster and more efficiently, and to focus on the bigger picture. Instead of writing texts on an assembly line, they can now focus on devising copy guidelines, fine-tuning the texts, and measuring the results.


Thanks to PowerText, HEMA generated more than 4000 product texts for their ‘good idea’ campaign, saving over 900 hours of writing work, which translated into a cost saving of more than €22.000. The texts were not only of high quality but also contributed to brand experience and customer satisfaction. HEMA was very satisfied with the collaboration with PowerText and plans to use PowerText in the future for their product texts.

Het proces

Het AI Proces, Stap voor Stap

Elk bedrijf is uniek en dat geldt ook voor onze oplossingen. Zo stemmen we onze expertise af op jouw behoeften.


We beginnen met het begrijpen van je bedrijfsbehoeften, uitdagingen en huidige IT-landschap. Deze grondige duik zorgt ervoor dat we de beste strategieën en oplossingen voor je identificeren.


Op basis van onze bevindingen stellen we een uitgebreid IT-plan op. Dit houdt in dat we systemen, netwerken en software ontwerpen die zijn afgestemd op je bedrijfsdoelen.


Als er een plan is, implementeren en integreren onze experts de ontworpen oplossingen. We zorgen voor minimale verstoring en een naadloze overgang.

Resultaten meten

Na de implementatie begint het meten van de resultaten. Ons QA-team zorgt ervoor dat alle oplossingen robuust, veilig en efficiënt zijn.

Honderden gebruikers zijn blij met ons platform

Hoe we jouw bedrijf kunnen helpen groeien.

Maak gebruik van het potentieel van AI om productgegevens moeiteloos te verbeteren en te categoriseren en automatisch overtuigende productbeschrijvingen te genereren.



Algoritme categoriseert producten op basis van info, beschrijving, trefwoorden in klassen, groepen, stenen met risico-indicatoren.



AI-algoritmen scannen op efficiënte wijze naar afwijkingen, inconsistenties, duplicaten en onwaarschijnlijke waarden in de dataset.

SEO tekstgeneratie

SEO tekstgeneratie

AI-tool maakt SEO-vriendelijke productbeschrijvingen, vertaalt automatisch in 150+ talen voor een divers wereldwijd bereik.

Cross- en Upselling

Cross- en Upselling

Slimme algoritmes detecteren productvariaties en optimaliseren e-commerce voor een superieure winkelervaring en hogere verkoopcijfers.

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