Nowadays, eCommerce organizations are challenged with many technological challenges. The way they respond to these challenges is crucial: organizations that stay behind may suffer from competitive disadvantages. What can eCommerce companies do about this? How should they stay ahead of the competition and flow along with the current technological trends? This article will explain the importance of staying ahead of competitors, the advantages of staying up with the latest technological trends like Artificial Intelligence, and the influence it could have on (the efficiency of) your business processes.

It is known that technology changes rapidly. Some organizations choose not to respond to these developments, since they want to hold on to the past, while others are highly willing to adapt. In some industries, adapting to new technologies is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. eCommerce is such an industry: the ‘e’ stands for electronic, which indicates the technological part of the industry. ‘Commerce’ is about selling and buying goods and services. Indeed, in such an electronic market you are more likely to succeed when you are able to adapt to new forms of technology. In this industry, for example, it is crucial to be able to deal with (loads of) product data. This is a current trend which may go along with some challenges, but there are even more possibilities than challenges when your data management is optimized. If this is the case, AI can be used to optimize some business processes like writing product descriptions and classifying products.

How to deal with data

Data is a relatively new aspect for businesses, and it can be argued that not all business have their data properly managed. In order to open new possibilities with data using Artificial Intelligence, however, the first step is to have your data optimized. That means that both your data quality and quantity should be sufficient. Your product data probably contains some inconsistencies and mistakes that should be fixed. Manually fixing this is almost unfeasible, particularly for organizations that sell many products. Luckily, there are some software tools that assist you in executing this process. Such tools are able to enrich your data in an automated manner. That means that the hard work, i.e., fixing inconsistencies and mistakes and increasing the amount of data, is done by smart algorithms. This can save you lots of valuable time and money!

Automate business processes

Optimized data is the starting point for more possibilities. After you enrich your data, either manually or automated, you are able to use this data in many other business processes. This opens new possibilities in automating business processes which otherwise should be performed manually. Whether you choose for instant product description generation, product classification into categories or establishing relationships between products. Automating these processes will save you lots of valuable time and money.

Many business processes can be automated which results in lower costs, less time-consumption, and a higher efficiency. Take product descriptions: it’s an important aspect of the customer experience since the customer wants to be sufficiently informed when he may buy one of your products. But you need to write a unique description for all of your products, which can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you offer many products. Manually writing those is probably not the best option. It takes more time (equals costs) and it is quite sensitive for mistakes. Moreover, it’s not the most durable option, because some products may only be available for a short time. It would be inefficient to spend time on writing these descriptions when they’re only being used for a short period of time.

Tools to automate

In conclusion, it can be argued that automating business processes could be an efficiency-increasing option for your eCommerce organization. If you’re a retailer or wholesaler that sells over 1000 products, it could definitely save you valuable manhours and unnecessary costs. Are you ready to increase your efficiency and save costs and manhours? Then meet the PowerSuite: a group of software products to optimize your data management processes.

The PowerSuite consists of 7 software products, all with their own unique purpose. They have some things in common: they are made to optimize the processes of product data management for eCommerce organizations, and they all work with smart algorithms that run on Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, using (one of these) softwares will increase your efficiency and lower your costs and manhours.

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