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How can you quickly scale up a product range?

How can you quickly scale up a product range?

1. What is a product range?

An assortment represents the products or services that a supplier offers customers for sale. These products can be physical or digital. Product ranges vary enormously in the number of products. The distribution of products in the range is expressed in depth and width. Depth refers to the degree of completeness of a certain product category. The width indicates the number of product categories. For example, a small supermarket will not differ much from a large supermarket in terms of width, but will have a more limited range in depth.

2. What is the challenge?

A large assortment requires a good PIM system. A Product Information Management system, or a Pim system, focuses on supporting the sales process and internal use by providing product information. From a PIM system, all product data comes together in one central database. A PIM system is especially necessary for a large amount of complex product information where data must be efficiently distributed to the relevant channels.

To expand your range, you need a well-functioning PIM system with good product data. In theory, you can obtain this by recording all product characteristics of the warehouse and suppliers and then storing everything in one database. However, this is a time consuming and inconvenient job. And simply not feasible for a company with hundreds of thousands of products.

In addition, the PIM system can be strengthened by providing products with images, making data available in multiple languages and using the same values for all articles. This again takes a lot of work and time. Can’t that be faster? AI offers the solution!

3. How does PowerSuite.ai provide the solution?

Squadra: Machine Learning Company is the expert in Smart Product Data Management. We deploy AI by adding a number of add-ons to the PIM system, in order to greatly reduce manual labor for classifications, conversions, enrichments and other actions and to improve the quality of product data.

To this end, we have developed a group of software services called PowerSuite.ai. These algorithms save on manual work and costs. In addition, you can easily increase turnover due to improved productivity. Due to the user-friendly interface, no technical knowledge is required. The smart tool is accessible for everyone to use. With PowerSuite.ai, the product range can be optimized and automated, making it easy to expand.

4. What is the result?

Do you choose AI? Then you choose an intelligent and automatic PIM system with which you can easily scale up the product range. Save costs and manual work while seeing sales and productivity increase.

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