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The importance of data enrichment through Artificial Intelligence

For years, major retailers such as Amazon, Zalando and others have been using data enrichment to constantly provide the required product information to their customers in order to present a complete view of a product. This enhances the customer’s decision to buy and ensures a pleasant customer experience. Today, customers are also conducting most of their interactions online, not only because of the global pandemic, but also due to the emergence of new communication channels, such as social media (TikTok), online videos and more. Therefore, enriching your product data is more vital than ever for any company, enabling the customer to filter easily according to their wishes and needs. By enhancing existing data through feature extraction or smart scraping, companies can gain a true 360° view of any given product. In more depth in to this blog, we will explore the essence of data enrichment for businesses with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Data enrichment

Companies like Bol.com have massive amounts of non-structured data, incomplete data and wrong data in their databases which can be utilised in a number of ways. Data enrichment is the multistep process of filtering data present in the whole organisation through a secure database. As a result, data enrichment improves the quality and accuracy of data by extracting and scraping missing or incomplete information. In turn, the enrichment of data provides a significant advantage in terms of the overall customer experience. In addition, you can analyse customer behaviour better through filters on your webpage, for example the screen format or brand of a smart TV, which allows you to determine better how a consumer thinks, when he is likely to make a purchase and his aspirations. Eventually, you can anticipate upon this using personal data to enhance the decision to purchase, by means of marketing.


Suppose a company imports clothes and shoes from the United States in order to resell them in Europe. The firm receives thousands of products with the corresponding features, however, noticing an incomplete product data. Different products are defined by abbreviations that are not familiar, different language, different dimensions such as inches rather than centimetres. The task of manually adding and editing data onto these products, in order to have the correct data for your customers, takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money if done by your employees. The risk of mistakes is high, due to the tremendous amount of data, but also due to the activity being quite complex. Of course, as a company you do not want to provide incorrect or incomplete information, causing customers to make wrong purchases and so offering a bad customer experience. The aim is to ensure that correct as well as complete information is present for customers, in order to smoothen the customer journey.

Automated Solution

In order to improve the quality of your data and to deliver a better customer journey, automated data enrichment is required. As a company, automated data enrichment is necessary to save costs and time in enriching data manually, but also to improve the quality of your data. Our smart tool, Powerenrich.ai, does the hard work and enables you to process all product data in a well-structured database and to enrich the data optimally from there. Articles that you received from an American supplier are usually described according to different sizing labels, such as inches but also footwear sizes. Our algorithm enriches product data in a fraction and transforms it into European sizes, from extraction of images and texts and scraping from pdf files and websites.

Want to see how simple PowerEnrich.ai works? Check our steps below.

  1. Provide us with your preferred extraction source such as a PDF-file, webpage or image.
  2. Our algorithm, based on your extraction source, is being developed in order to make sure data enrichment is regulated as smooth and accurate as possible.
  3. Now you receive all of your extracted features in one organized file, containing the results, with access for every employee without the need of technical expertise.

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