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Why does a DIY wholesaler need efficient product data?

Why does a DIY wholesaler need efficient product data?

What is the challenge with efficient product data for a DIY wholesaler?

A DIY wholesaler has products for DIY at home and in the garden and also sells items for pets. This includes wholesalers such as the Boerenbond or Intratuin. This market has an extensive range of various articles. Companies in this sector work together with manufacturers, suppliers, installers and individuals and offer their products both in stores and online. Efficient product data is necessary for this.

Getting the product data of a DIY wholesaler in order seems like a complicated challenge. Not only must all products be stored in one database, products must also be provided with clear specifications. An average company in the DIY, garden and animal sector has thousands of products with dozens of specifications per product. When you multiply this, you end up with a huge number of features and specifications. It is impracticable for staff to note all product characteristics of the warehouse and suppliers.

In addition to a good database with product characteristics, DIY wholesalers can strengthen their database by providing products with images, making data available in multiple languages and using the same units of measurement for all articles. This again takes a lot of work and time. Can’t that be faster?

Squadra Machine Learning Company is an expert in the field of Smart Product Data Management and AI-Commerce. With our software service PowerSuite.ai, we aim to optimize product data while saving on costs and time.

How does PowerSuite.ai provide the solution?

PowerSuite.ai uses smart AI algorithms within various product data processes, which can easily save time and costs without technical knowledge. PowerSuite.ai offers two products that can be purchased separately or together.

Smart Product Data Management consists of a number of add-ons that make the PIM system more intelligent. PIM stands for Product Info Management and focuses on supporting the sales process by providing product information. With our Smart Product Data Management add-ons, product data can be automatically collected, classified, standardized and improved.

AI-Commerce consists of a number of intelligent services that can help technical wholesalers to improve product sales. For example, they generate and translate descriptive texts of products and automatically detect relationships between products.

What is the result?

The result is a complete and enriched database of articles within the DIY, garden and pet market with automatically controlled characteristics and product descriptions. With PowerSuite.ai, these companies save time and personnel costs. Which is good for sales. In addition, the database developed by PowerSuite.ai stimulates the sales process.

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