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''How PowerImprove.ai improved Dayrize's data quality with AI''

Dayrize is an online warehouse with a focus on sustainability. They provide a wide range of products, such as clothing, shoes and home accessories, and set themselves apart from competitors with their perspective on sustainability. They do this by making sustainable consumption more accessible and by donating a part of their annual profits to partners to reduce their impact on the environment. Each product displays a Dayrize score, which allows you to see the ecological impact of a product. You can also see how much water and CO2 emissions you have saved by buying a sustainable product.


Dayrize’s product range continued to grow, and because they have multiple partners and suppliers, the product data often appeared to be inconsistent. Some suppliers list product features that others do not, and vice versa. This therefore results in inconsistent and often insufficient information, leaving the customer to search for certain features on their own. A possible consequence of this inconsistency is that the customer leaves your web store and does not buy the product or buys it in another store. To prevent this, and to improve the customer experience in general, Dayrize has decided to supplement the existing product properties. The manual addition of product data is an extremely time-consuming process, and it is also prone to human error. Therefore Dayrize was looking for an automating solution to make this process more (cost) efficient and cheaper.


Dayrize has approached Squadra Machine Learning Company for this, because of the software solutions Squadra offers to make business processes more efficient. After extensive consultation with Dayrize staff, it was concluded that the PowerImprove.ai solution would be the most efficient way to carry out the process. PowerImprove.ai is a software product from Machine Learning Company that uses algorithms to extract data from texts, images, PDFs and websites. Dayrize’s case involved data extraction from texts delivered by suppliers. This enables the company to automatically supplement its data and improve quality.


Through the collaboration with Squadra Machine Learning Company and the deployment of PowerImprove.ai, Dayrize has supplemented its data and thus improved data quality. The software not only facilitated a more efficient process, but also ensured higher data quality and improved customer experience.

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