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"Data Quality Revolution: How Powerimprove.ai Transformed Technische Unie's Product Data and Customer Experience"

Technische Unie is the largest technical wholesaler in the Netherlands. With 2,000 employees, Technische Unie unburdens its customers with specialist knowledge of products, total solutions and a wide product range. Technische Unie has 37 branches, 22 transfer points and 2 distribution centers in the Netherlands. Squadra Machine Learning Company did a proof-of-concept at Technische Unie to investigate whether errors in the data could be detected and possibly rectified using smart algorithms.


At Technische Unie there are a number of challenges in relation to data quality. Namely, the data is, as with many companies, not always correct and not always complete. Squadra Machine Learning Company has investigated whether Technische Unie can be supported in improving data quality through a POC. In this POC, the SaaS product from Machine Learning Company was discussed, namely PowerImprove.ai.

PowerImprove.ai is a software that can automatically add extra features to product data by means of texts, images, and smart scraping of PDFs and websites. PowerImprove.ai is a software in which smart algorithms use a range of AI techniques to scan product data sets for inconsistencies, anomalies, duplications and improbable data values.


With the PowerImprove.ai software, Machine Learning Company has succeeded in checking whether the products of Technische Unie are classified correctly, whether contradictory data is present in the product data, and whether there are outliers present in the product data. With PowerImprove.ai we have succeeded in increasing the fill rate of the database of Technische Unie by automatically extracting product attributes from texts.


By using our PowerImprove.ai software, Technische Unie can now automatically correct datasets with incorrect data. This results in enormous time savings and benefits product data related processes. It also helps customers of Technische Unie because in this way the sales channels are provided with correct data.

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