Improve your cross- and upselling with AI.

Let smart algorithms automatically detect variants of products, alternative products or accessories so that customers are offered an optimal shopping experience on the e-commerce website and more sales are made.

Boost E-commerce sales through an optimal shopping experience.

Offer hundreds or thousands variants,
similar products, comparable products and accessoires,
based on the features of the products in an instant.

Up to 4,9% more sales

No coding required

No coding required

Time saving

Unleash Your Potential With

Through our data scraping capabilities, you can effortlessly extract data from a variety of sources, even from unstructured data sets. Our software’s sophisticated algorithms work seamlessly to identify any data quality issues, such as missing or incorrect data, and automatically improve these issues.

Detect Accessories

Let the algorithm detect meaningful product relations between products and their respective accessories, requiring no programming knowledge or coding skills whatsoever.

Detect Product Lines

Detecting product lines proves to be especially useful when selling products with more than one use case, since every use case brings along its own associative traits.

Detect Product Variants

Let the algorithm detect meaningful product relations between product variants, requiring no programming knowledge or coding skills whatsoever.

Detect Product Samples

Product samples are a great way of improving your customer’s shopping experience by providing them with samples that can help in solidifying a product’s value proposition, without a large upfront expenses.

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    The price scale that we use

    • 0 – 10.000 products
      €750 /mo
    • 10.001 – 25.000 products
      €1.000 /mo
    • 25.001 – 50.000 products
      €1.500 /mo
    • 50.001 – 100.000 products
      €2.000 /mo
    • 100.001 – 250.000 products
      €2.250 /mo
    • +250.000 products
      €2.500 /mo


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