HomeCustom AI projects and PowerSuite.ai for Benelux DIY retailers

Custom AI projects and PowerSuite.ai for Benelux DIY retailers

Custom AI projects and PowerSuite.ai for Benelux DIY retailers

We configured and implemented the relevant modules of our PowerSuite.ai solution for the complete assortment of its brands Gamma and Karwei in the Netherlands and Belgium. Furthermore, we performed a custom project to deliver a smart LLM based product advisory solution. 



Intergamma faced multiple challenges including low SEO rankings for a vast array of products, high bounce rates on Product Detail Pages (PDPs), and subpar data quality, especially in the French language due to legal obligations for bilingual offerings. Additionally, poor data quality from suppliers, even through the GS1 database, compounded the issue. Inefficient data onboarding processes further exacerbated the situation.


Intergamma implemented AI-driven solutions to address these challenges. They employed AI for product classification according to Intergamma and GS1 taxonomies, improving organization and searchability. AI algorithms were also leveraged to detect and rectify data quality issues, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Automated AI text generation streamlined the creation of product titles and SEO-optimized descriptions, enhancing visibility and relevance. Moreover, AI was utilized to identify various product relationships such as variants, accessories, and lines, enriching the customer experience.


The implementation of AI-driven solutions yielded significant improvements:

  • Increased findability by an average of 7.5%, enhancing discoverability for customers.
  • Boosted conversion rates by 4.9%, translating into tangible revenue growth.
  • Achieved approximately €2M in increased revenue in 2023.
  • Saved resources equivalent to three full-time employees previously dedicated to product data management and copywriting/translations.
  • Enhanced customer experience across all digital channels, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Through strategic integration of AI technologies, Intergamma successfully overcame its data and optimization challenges, driving substantial business growth and efficiency gains.

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Algorithm categorizes products by info, description, keywords into classes, groups, bricks with risk indicators.

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

AI algorithms scan for dataset anomalies, inconsistencies, duplicates, and improbable values efficiently.

SEO Text Generation

SEO Text Generation

AI tool creates SEO-friendly product descriptions, auto-translates into 150+ languages for diverse global reach.

Cross- and Upselling

Cross- and Upselling

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