Make your data more reliable with AI.

Smart algorithms that use a range of AI techniques to scan product datasets for inconsistencies, anomalies, doublures, and unlikely data values.

Enrich your data automatically with AI

Increase conversions by making product data more accurate

the ultimate solution for all your product data enrichment needs! With our cutting-edge software, you can easily
automate the process of data scraping, extraction, and quality checks. No more manual labor, no morewasted hours, and no more frustrating inaccuracies.

Save valuable time and costs

Improve data quality to increase revenue

No coding required

No coding required

Unleash Your Potential With

Through our data scraping capabilities, you can effortlessly extract data from a variety of sources, even from unstructured data sets. Our software’s sophisticated algorithms work seamlessly to identify any data quality issues, such as missing or incorrect data, and automatically improve these issues.

Text Extraction is capable of the extraction of relevant product features from both texts and images.

Image Extraction is able to extract product attributes from images. As can be seen in the example below, the smart algorithms are able to recognize product features in images.

PDF Extraction is able to extract product features from PDF files. As can be seen in the example below, the smart algorithms are able to recognize product features from PDF files.

Web Extraction is capable of scraping websites of competitors or suppliers as shown in the example below. This data is already visible online, thus mostly include more coherent texts compared to data files provided by the supplier.

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Heinen & Hopman

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Technische Unie

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The price scale that we use

  • 0 – 10.000 products
    €750,- per month
  • 10.000 – 50.000 products
    €1000,- per month
  • 50.000 – 100.000 products
    €1.500,- per month
  • 100.000 – 250.000 products
    €2.500,- per month
  • 250.000+ products

Assortment size:

  • Monthly payment

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