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Yes, we have an API link available, which means that we can establish a link between the software and your system. This ensures that product data is loaded directly into the software.

Are there additional costs involved if we have multiple users in our organization?

No, organizations can add an unlimited number of users to their account, so that everyone can get started from their own account at the same time.

Can you also support setting up the software based on my product data?

Yes, because we have been participating for a while now, we can also help you setting up the software. Please contact us to see how we can do this.

I am a partner and would like to use your software for my customers. Is that possible?

Sure! We are open to partnerships with, for example, online marketing agencies or PIM suppliers. After all, together you are stronger. Please contact us for the details of a possible collaboration.

What languages does PowerSuite.ai support?

In more than 150 languages, enough to choose!

Do I need to have coding knowledge to use the software?

No, you don’t need to have coding knowledge to use the software. We have developed the software in a user-friendly manner, so anyone can navigate it.