How it works

See how simple the products of the PowerSuite works

Many organizations today use data to drive their business, but it is not always easy to filter the right insights from large amounts of data. Especially not without technical knowledge. The products from the PowerSuite are easy to use without the need for technical knowledge. In this way we help organizations to strengthen their own processes and industry position by creating the best possible strategy.

1. Import your data

Upload your product data into the software.

2. The data will be configured

The algorithm will configure your data.

3. Check the results

Manually check the proposed results.

4. Export the results

Easily export the results to your e-commerce/PIM system

How to connect with

We are not all equally technically minded or there is simply not enough time. That is not a problem, because we are strong in several areas. We notice that there is a greater need for additional services. Below you will find what these are, how we approach this and what the benefits are.

API link

Never manually import or export your data again with a direct link to your API.

Custom made PowerSuite

It is possible for us to develop a digital environment that perfectly suits your needs.

Our algorithms in your system

Unleash the power of automation as our algorithms do the hard work in your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Organizations can add an unlimited number of users to their account, so that everyone can get started from their own account at the same time!

Yes! We have an API link available, which means that we can establish a link between the software and your system. This ensures that product data is loaded directly into the software.

Yes! Because we have been participating for a while now, we can also help you setting up the software. Please contact us to see how we can do this.

Sure! We are open to partnerships with, for example, online marketing agencies or PIM suppliers. After all, together you are stronger. Please contact us for the details of a possible collaboration.

Let's discuss the possibilities together!

And many more!

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