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Data-driven organizations face challenges in deriving insights from large datasets without technical expertise. PowerSuite products offer user-friendly solutions for strategic improvement.

Optimize cross- and upselling with AI

Integrate AI In Just 4 Steps And Boost Sales.

Our software is designed for optimal usability and helps you make informed decisions for a strong E-commerce strategy.

Import Your Data

Upload your product data into the software.

Configure The Data

The algorithm will configure your data within seconds.

Check the results

Manually check and validate the proposed results.

Export The Results

Easily export the results to your e-commerce/PIM system.

Questions & Answers

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Yes, we have an API link available, which means that we can establish a link between the software and your system. This ensures that product data is loaded directly into the software.

Are there additional costs involved if we have multiple users in our organization?

No, organizations can add an unlimited number of users to their account, so that everyone can get started from their own account at the same time.

Can you also support setting up the software based on my product data?

Yes, because we have been participating for a while now, we can also help you setting up the software. Please contact us to see how we can do this.

I am a partner and would like to use your software for my customers. Is that possible?

Sure! We are open to partnerships with, for example, online marketing agencies or PIM suppliers. After all, together you are stronger. Please contact us for the details of a possible collaboration.

Download the PowerSuite.ai whitepaper.

The PowerSuite.ai whitepaper will give you an insight into how our SaaS products work, what techniques we use to do this, some case studies of companies that are already successfully using the PowerSuite.ai and finally the costs involved.



    Using manufacturer information, product description, and keywords, our algorithm categorizes products into classes, groups, bricks, or families, accompanied by risk level indicators.


    SEO Text Generation

    SEO Text Generation

    A smart online product text generator tool that automatically generates unique SEO-optimized product descriptions and can translate into +150 different languages.

    Data Enrichment

    Data Enrichment

    Smart algorithms that use a range of AI techniques to scan product datasets for inconsistencies, anomalies, doublures, and unlikely data values.



    Cross- and upselling

    Cross- and upselling

    Enhance the e-commerce shopping experience and boost sales by employing intelligent algorithms to automatically identify product variants, alternatives, and accessories.

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    Revolutionize your data management with cutting-edge AI algorithms. PowerSuite: Unleash the future of product data management and AI-driven commerce. Experience automated data enhancement, intelligent product relation detection, and dynamic content creation. Elevate your business today!

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