HomeIncrease number of orders through enriched product data #2

Increase number of orders through enriched product data #2

Increase number of orders through enriched product data

Sligro asked Squadra to conduct POCs for ‘pans’ and ‘drinking cups’. Using PowerImprove.ai, Squadra automated supplementing product characteristics, marking a transformative partnership for Sligro.



For Sligro, the challenge was enriching data for approximately 20,000 non-food products. Initially, these products had only limited product characteristics available. To still provide customers with sufficient information about these products and thereby enhance the customer experience, Sligro decided to complement existing product characteristics using external sources such as PDFs, images, and external websites.


However, manually entering product characteristics proved to be a very time-consuming process, which was also prone to errors. Therefore, Sligro sought a solution to gather relevant product data faster, more accurately, and more efficiently.


Sligro approached Squadra to conduct two proof-of-concepts (POCs) for the product categories ‘pans’ and ‘drinking cups’. For this purpose, Squadra Machine Learning Company implemented their software product PowerImprove.ai, which utilizes algorithms to extract data from texts, images, PDFs, and websites. This enabled Sligro to automatically supplement product characteristics.


Thanks to the collaboration with Squadra Machine Learning Company and the implementation of PowerImprove.ai, Sligro has enriched its product data efficiently and accurately. This has not only led to an improved customer experience but also remarkable results: the pans are now 84% more discoverable, resulting in an 18% increase in the number of placed orders.

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Data Enrichment

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SEO Text Generation

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Cross- and Upselling

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