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Increased add-to-cart ratio through AI

Increased add-to-cart ratio through AI

PowerText.ai developed an advanced online platform to automatically generate unique product descriptions using key attributes, leveraging Machine Learning and customizable templates for multilingual support.



Sonepar Germany embarked on a mission to improve the discoverability of their vast product catalog, which encompassed approximately 1 million items. Recognizing the importance of online visibility, particularly through search engines like Google, the company aimed to ensure that potential customers could easily find their products. This required adherence to stringent SEO guidelines, including the necessity for each product to have a unique and compelling description. However, manually crafting such descriptions for every product was deemed impractical due to the sheer volume and time constraints. As a result, Sonepar sought an innovative solution capable of automating the generation of marketing texts based on the various properties of their products.


In response to Sonepar’s challenge, PowerText.ai developed an advanced online platform designed to automatically generate unique product descriptions using key product attributes. Leveraging cutting-edge Machine Learning technology and customizable templates, the platform could produce descriptions in multiple languages, catering to a diverse customer base. To streamline the process further, Sonepar implemented a hierarchical structure, allowing for the creation of templates across product groups. This approach enabled the inheritance of text from parent groups, ensuring consistency and efficiency in description generation. Additionally, each generated description incorporated SEO keywords derived from product properties, thereby optimizing its visibility on search engines. The platform’s intelligent algorithm further ensured that each description was unique, preventing duplicate content issues and maximizing its effectiveness.


The implementation of PowerText.ai’s software yielded significant benefits for Sonepar. Notably, the company experienced a marked increase in efficiency in digitizing its extensive product portfolio. This encompassed not only the more popular items but also niche products that previously may have been overlooked. With each product now boasting a distinct and optimized description, Sonepar observed a tangible improvement in its visibility on Google search results. 

Consequently, the enhanced discoverability translated into increased customer engagement and sales. Noteworthy was the notable 22% rise in add-to-cart rates observed in Belgium, along with a substantial 24% surge in France. Encouraged by these promising results, Sonepar is now planning to expand the adoption of PowerText.ai’s solution beyond Germany, underscoring its effectiveness and potential for broader application within the company’s operations.

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