Roadmap for getting started

with AI.

Before starting as an E-commerce company with the implementation of smart algorithms and AI, it is important to consider a few things. For example, your product data must be complete because without product data, AI cannot perform its ‘magic’ effectively. But there are a few other steps to keep in mind as well. Check out the infographic below.

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    Using manufacturer information, product description, and keywords, our algorithm categorizes products into classes, groups, bricks, or families, accompanied by risk level indicators.


    SEO Text Generation

    SEO Text Generation

    A smart online product text generator tool that automatically generates unique SEO-optimized product descriptions and can translate into +150 different languages.

    Data Enrichment

    Data Enrichment

    Smart algorithms that use a range of AI techniques to scan product datasets for inconsistencies, anomalies, doublures, and unlikely data values.



    Cross- and upselling

    Cross- and upselling

    Enhance the e-commerce shopping experience and boost sales by employing intelligent algorithms to automatically identify product variants, alternatives, and accessories.

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