Unleash the power of AI and Machine Learning with the products
from the PowerSuite.ai

The PowerSuite is a group of Software as a Service (SaaS) products, which aim to improve your product data
and focus on two areas: Smart Product Data Management and AI-Commerce. By leveraging
smart AI algorithms within various product data management processes, the PowerSuite can
easily help save time and costs. All products can be purchased separately, but can also be combined.



A smart online text generator with which you can generate thousands of SEO-optimized (product) texts based on product data. This allows you to easily provide your entire product portfolio with a product description.

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Let smart algorithms automatically detect variants of products, alternative products or accessories so that customers are offered an optimal shopping experience on the e-commerce website and more sales are made.

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Based on manufacturer, product description and keywords, products are classified to a proposed product class, group, brick, or family. A risk level indication is provided to display how sure the algorithm is about each classified product.

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Attribute extraction from images, texts, smart scraping from PDFs & websites, product classification verification, language checking, contradictory data detection, likely data prediction, and outlier detection.

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Download the PowerSuite.ai bible

The PowerSuite.ai bible will give you an insight into how our SaaS products work, what techniques we use to do this, some case studies of companies that are already successfully using the PowerSuite.ai and finally the costs involved.

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