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How do I write unique product texts for Bol.com?

1. Why are unique product texts important to Bol.com?

Bol.com has 13 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium and a range of 36 million articles with more than 50,000 sales partners. A unique product text helps you stand out among the huge range of Bol.com. A strong product description ensures that you rank higher in the search lists and that more customers see and can buy your product.

2. What’s the challenge?

Unique product texts should help the product stand out from the huge range of products on Bol.com. It should describe exactly what customers get out of the product and make them excited about the product. The more enthusiastic the product text makes the customers, the more likely they are to buy something. It is a time-consuming task to provide all these products with a unique descriptive text. While this is essential for a possible purchase and high findability. Couldn’t this be easier? AI offers the solution! Squadra Machine Learning Company has developed the software service Powertext.ai. This is a smart online text creation tool for automatically generating product texts with the aim of optimizing these descriptions while saving on costs and time.

3. How does Powertext.ai offer the solution for product texts for bol.com?

Powertext.ai is an AI-driven tool where smart algorithms automatically generate thousands of SEO-optimized product descriptions. As a result, the entire product portfolio can easily be provided with a unique product description and the findability will improve. Powertext.ai can also translate product texts on a large scale. The software automatically translates texts into +150 different languages, which increases the reach internationally. In addition, with Powertext.ai you automatically paraphrase texts on a large scale. Powetext.ai will generate unique texts for each webshop.

4. Why is Powertext.ai perfect for Bol.com?

Unique product texts make up the bulk of Bol.com product listings. This requires a unique product description that inspires enthusiasm. Writing these texts manually is a time-consuming job. Powertext.ai offers all the benefits of a strong product description such as high conversion rates and good findability, while also saving time and costs.

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